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The Spear Group serves clients to provide its expertise to support engineering, construction, and the startup of new facilities as well as the operation, maintenance, and modification of existing facilities for utilities, pharmaceuticals, and government projects.

Just as we've done for leading companies, we take the burden of day to day operations and projects off your hands and into ours, so you can focus on your business. We can help you identify the specific solution that best meets your needs Let us build a tailored solution for you.


The Spear Group Customized Solutions

Project Management/Project Control Services

Spear has found that the key to effective management control lies in the fundamentals on which the processes are based. Spear has developed what we consider to be the essential elements of effective management control processes. These elements include scope definition; organization participation and buy-in; approved baselines for cost and schedule; established performance measurement; and timely and meaningful reporting. In all of these elements, we emphasize the importance of easily understandable and workable methodology, procedures, and support systems. If followed and adhered to, the resulting processes will result in successfully managed programs and projects.

Spear utilizes commercially available software, such as Primavera, SAP, MS Project, Ariba, Timberline, etc. or adapts to other client specified systems in project control execution.

Spear offers comprehensive management control services as follows: Process Assessment and Development services in: Business Planning & Budgeting; Estimating; Cost Control and Performance Measurement; Work Control; Planning & Scheduling; and Business Data Management.

Spear provides Professional Services in: Project and Construction Management, Accounting, Budgeting/Forecasting, Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning & Scheduling, Long Range Planning / Business Planning, System Development and Maintenance Planning. Litigation/Prudence Support including cost & schedule analysis, quantification of costs & schedule impacts, and data management.

Owner’s Representation

Spear offers Owner’s Representation Services to oversee the Architect / Engineer and Construction Manager organizations engaged by an Owner to engineer, design, procure, construct and start-up a facility. Owner’s Representation Services assures our clients that their interests are being met including financial, schedule and quality.

The services offered include a team of professionals with the necessary expertise and experience to provide this oversight. It includes project managers, project engineers, construction managers, construction representatives, project controls personnel (estimators, cost engineers and planners/schedulers) and procurement / contract administration personnel as well as other professionals required to complement a team for a specific project.

The makeup of the team provided by Spear is dictated by the type of project, the scope of work and the expertise that the Owner may already have on its staff.

The Services provided to the Owners are diverse and include review of estimates, plans, schedules and forecasts provided by the AE/CM as to their reasonableness, develop and maintain the overall project schedule and costs, integrating the activities of all participants. Our professionals will also prepare periodic project cost reports, performance measurement reports and provide recommendations to scope of projects as required.

Managed Services

Spear provides Managed Services at rates that reflect the long-term commitment to our customer and partnering aspects of such a relationship.

Currently we are providing our services on projects totaling in excess of $800 million dollars in value. Spear is highly confident in its capabilities and offers these services in a variety of contractual methods. We work together with the customer to develop formal partnering relationships in order to address a specific task or project.

Spear provides Managed Services in Project Management, Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning & Scheduling and Work Control. The specific benefits for these services include access to the services of qualified and industry recognized personnel in these areas when and where these services are required, as well as expertise in industry practices and state-of- the-art techniques to help define and implement programs for a specific project, problem areas, and/or an entire organization. Spear management ensures that the programs established are implemented and that the services are effective and efficient. Typically this results in reduced cost to the organization requiring these services due to reduced permanent personnel. Our end goal is achievement of total quality management in these functional areas due to the long term commitment of the requisite expertise to develop, implement, critique, and improve the processes necessary for effective programs.

Engineering Services

Spear recruits and provides a wide array of engineering professionals to our clients in support of both commercial and governmental projects. Our engineering experience consists of petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, power transmission, power (nuclear and fossil), renewable energy (hydro, solar, wind) and environmental.

Currently we are providing specialists who work in the fields of design engineering, process engineering, field engineering, construction engineering, system engineering and computer programming.

Our recruiting staff has the requisite knowledge and background to support your needs. We have provided hundreds of engineers, designers, drafters, and senior level technicians to our clients on a contract basis.

Estimating Services

Spear has found that the key to producing quality estimates lies in the process that defines how an estimate is prepared coupled with using professional estimators to implement the process and prepare the estimates. This process begins with the development of the estimates and associated plans and the involvement of key personnel prior to work commencing. Spear has developed an estimating and planning process in support of a proven control philosophy. Spear performs these services by providing experienced quality estimators, a proven estimating process, and using estimating tools developed to reflect the customer’s operating conditions.

Spear’s experience, depth and versatility qualify us to provide a wide range of Estimating Services. These range from the complete responsibility of furnishing Estimating Services through a Managed Task to providing Process Assessments, Process Development, Claims Analysis Independent Reviews, and Estimators to augment a customer’s estimating staff.

In addition, The Spear Group has formed a Strategic Alliance with Strategic Estimating Systems (SES) in order to provide best-in-class cost estimating services to our customers. SES is a consulting firm that delivers cost estimating services which help to lower the cost of business, improve cost estimating accuracy, develop a more consistent estimating work process, and allow estimates to be completed as much as 5X faster than normal. SES specializes in the use and implementation of the aspenOne™ suite of economic evaluation software products.

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